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About Ludford


For many visitors their first view of Ludlow will be through Ludford, thus fulfilling its historic role as the gateway to the town. 

Situated along the south and eastern aspect of the town, the parish of Ludford consists of 3 main distinct areas, Ludford,The Sheet and Rocks Green. and also covers part of Whitcliffe and Steventon.

It contains 3 of the 4 main access routes to the town as well as the north/south A49 trunk road that bypasses the town.

Traffic enters Ludford from Leominster and the south via the original turnpike road now the B4365, those travelling from Knowbury and Caynham arrive through The Sheet and Steventon; and from Kidderminster and the West Midlands through Rocks Green on the A4117.

The path of the River Teme threads its way through 4 of the sub divisions within the Parish.