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Font size and headings

There are three font control tools:

  • Paragraph Format - normally set to 'Normal'
  • Font - normally set to 'Tahoma'
  • Size - normally blank

To change the appearance of your text simply highlight the text to be changed. This is done by holding down the left-hand mouse button at the same time as moving your mouse across the text that you wish to select. Once the text has been selected (it will display as white text on a black background), release the right hand mouse button and then select the desired effect from the 'Paragraph Format, Font or Size options list.

Paragraph Format

Initially the size of the font is set as 'Normal', this is equivalent to 11 or 12 point in a normal word processing document. The advantage of setting the font to 'Normal' is that, by not defining a specific font size, visitors to your mini-site can adjust the text size to suit their individual requirements.

It is recommended that 'Normal' is left as the standard font size for your mini-site

If you set the font size by using the 'Size' option (1 being the largest font and 7 being the smallest), visitors to your mini-site can not alter the font size and are stuck with the size that you have defined, even if this size is very hard for them to read.

There are two other Paragraph Format options that can be used, 'Heading 2' and 'Heading 3'.

Headings are very good for structuring your pages, are liked by search engines and helpful those accessing your site using adaptive technologies (screen readers).

Headings can be used in the following way:

Apples (heading 2)

We aim to stock a wide variety of apples and the following varieties are available for purchase.

Bramley (heading 3)

An English cooking apple.

Granny Smith (heading 3)

Green and crisp this variety is one of the most easily recognisable apples on sale today.

Cox's pipin (heading 3)

A fine English dessert apple.

Pears (heading 2)

We aim to stock a wide variety of apples and the following varieties are available for purchase.

Comice (heading 3)

A large, plump English variety.

Conference (heading 3)

A soft, juicy English variety.

Rocha (heading 3)

A small variety of pear from Portugal

Please note: you can not miss out a heading level. You can not just skip to Heading 3s.


This dropdown list allows you to select different fonts to use on your web pages. Arial, Times and Verdana are considered to be the safest web fonts to use. They are considered to be the safest to use because most computers come with these fonts already installed.

If a computer does not have a particular font installed it will substitute the font with an alternative. This can spoil the look and the layout of your website.



Don't put large amounts of text into italics - as this can be difficult to read too

Don't use too many different fonts - as this can break up the flow of your web pages

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