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Printing webpages

When you print a page from this website it will print the content without the surrounding graphics. This is to ensure that you can print out information quickly and with the minimum of printer ink. Printer settings alter depending on the browser used to access this site and the printer used.


If you would like any page on this website translated into another language, there is a free translation service (Babelfish) available from AltaVista and Systran. Follow the link to use this service. Or to translate our website into Polish follow the link to the Polish translation website.

To translate our webpages, copy and paste the text into the text box of the AltaVista or Polish translation website. Then select the language you would like it translated into, from the drop down menu, and the page will automatically be translated.

Please note that there may be a size restriction of 5k on the content which can be translated. Shropshire Council is not responsible for this service and cannot guarantee the accuracy of the translations available.

Screen settings

This website has been designed to be viewed at a resolution of 1024 X 768 or higher, but can be viewed at resolution of 800 x 600. If your screen is set to a lower setting you may wish to adjust it as this can degrade the quality of this site.

Site contrast

Our website has been designed to allow most browsers to change the colours and contrast features used within our content pages.

Follow the links on this page for specific information on how to do this with Internet Explorer and Firefox.

By clicking the contrast link at the top of the page you can view our website in high contrast mode. Clicking this link again will return you to the normal settings.

Text only

To view this website as text only, select the 'Text only' link.

Text size

Our fonts have been set to a legible size and font throughout. You can adjust the size of the font to your own requirements. Usually this is done through the 'view' option on your browser, pulling down the menu and selecting 'fonts' and choosing one of the options.

If you are using Internet Explorer 5, 5.5 or 6:

Go to the View menu and select Text size. You may now choose the text size you require.

If you are using Internet Explorer 7:

To select a default text size, you can follow the instructions as above (press the ALT key to display the normal menu options at the top of the screen). Internet Explorer 7 also has a handy zoom facility located in the bottom-right of the window which will increase the size of text and images on the page. Click on this to zoom in and make the page bigger, or click on the arrow to the right to bring up a menu of possible zoom levels.

If you are using Netscape navigator:

Go to the view menu
Down to Text size and then choose 120%, 150% or 200%

If you are using Mozilla or FireFox 1, 1.5 or 2:

Go to the View menu and from the list of options select Text Size. You now have the option to increase or decrease the text as needed.

If you are using Firefox 3:

Click on View then select Zoom. The options to Zoom In and Zoom Out will be available from this menu, and you can exclude images from the magnification by selecting Zoom Text Only.

If you have any problems using this website please contact the Web Manager.