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2014 will mark 100 years since the start

of the First World War.

To commemorate the lives of those who suffered through the terrible years of 1914 to 1918 you are invited to join with the congregation of the Parish Church, the members of The Royal British Legion, the Orthopaedic Male Voice Choir and the people of the village in a special service followed by a good supper at St Michael’s Church on the evening of 

22nd June 2014

1914-18 Exhibition It is hoped to mount an exhibition to give a flavour of life in Oswestry in the Great War years. Unfortunately there is little photographic evidence, very few people had cameras.

Have you inherited souvenirs of any kind from 100 years ago?

Not just to do with the war but -

? what the people in Oswestry and the villages were doing, the clothes they were wearing, what food was available,

? how they were earning a living? How the farmer’s life was affected?

? Photos, journals, stories, diaries - anything that would help the present generation to see into the past.

If you can lend anything to add to the display,

please contact Colleen on 01691 610300.


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