This web site has been put

together to help people find

information about care and

health issues quickly and

without too much fuss.

To navigate your way round just

put your cursor over the sections

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Because every one coming to this site has different information needs, we have collected a very wide range of information sources available on the Internet, e.g. where to get rubber stoppers for a walking stick through to the Department of Health knowledge base and all stops in between.


The site is here to help ordinary citizens find the information needed to stay independent and healthy.


We also hope this site will help people to play a part in wider decision making processes should they so choose and above all to stay connected to other people in and around Shropshire.


One thing that is very important to this web site is your willingness to recommend it to others and your own personal commitment to share your knowledge and experience with us.


If this web site helps you make a decision or helps you help some one else make a decision, then we believe the effort put into this site will have been worth while.


Please have a good look round to see what is on offer. Perhaps a good starting place is the Can't Find it? section. Here you will see a couple of examples of how the site can be of help to people.


If you are part of an organisation and need access to detailed policy or professional information, try the Our Knowledge Bank section as a starting point for your tour of the site.


Thank you for coming to the site. If you think you could lend a hand and help support our efforts in any way, please get in touch through the Contact Us section.


Thank you.


David Sandabch.

Founder Shropshire Cares Info Central.